If 15+ people enter this competition, the winners will get recognition on their winning outfits and profile page... So get your friends involved!

Designer of Dreams...

The Challenge:
I want you to create or enter an outfit that is your own 'collection', as if you are a designer. It has to be something that represents you, and if you have a style that's already there (e.g. Beach girl) , add a twist to it to make it your own.
Think of yourself as the designer who needs to come up with fabulous, award winning finale outfits for your runway. Have fun, whatever you're doing! xx
(P.S. The winning five will be awarded!)

Created by Olivia M


  • This competition is now finished
  • Winners decided by everyone
  • 5 entries will win
  • 15+ entrants required for awards
  • 7 entries allowed per user