If 15+ people enter this competition, the winners will get recognition on their winning outfits and Fashion Label... So get your friends involved!

Chanel <3

Hey guys,
The other day I found this gorgeous vintage Chanel duffel bag. I automatically fell in love with it! I like it so much so, that I wanna make a competition out of it. All you have to do is simply use the green vintage Chanel duffel bag. (shown in my example) You can use whatever other clothes you would like as long as you include the bag. First place will win a trophy! (Winner will be deiced by moi) Have fun!

Created by Autumn.


  • This competition is now finished
  • Winners decided by creator
  • 3 entries will win
  • 15+ entrants required for awards
  • 2 entries allowed per user
  • Additional rules


Winners of this competition will receive this award on their Fashion Label and outfit page!