Au revoir!

Au revoir!
It's my last day in Paris and I don't set off until nearly lunchtime to the Ile de laa cite. That's where Notre Dame, the famous church is. Outside it there are a lot of tourists and people trying to sell you stuff so I head inside quickly. It always amazes me how quiet and calm it is inside churches, especially in big cities. It's like a different world in there and you forget where you are. I look around the inside for a while and then go outside to find some lunch. After that I take the metro to Sacre Coeur which is another church. May sound boring but those two churches really are beautiful both inside and out. Sacre Coeur is white on the outside with loads of steps leading to the entrance. I sit inside for quite a while enjoying the peace and quiet. Then I go outside and just round the corner from there I fin myself at Monmatre, the artists square. I walk around it admiring everyones paintings. Most artists paint pictures of Paris or portraits of visitors. It's quite expensive so I decide not to have that done. I eat a crepe and then head back to my hotel to pack my bags for when I leave tomorrow morning. It's a shame I have to leave Paris again as there's so much more to see but there isn't enough time for that now...
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