A little summer fun!

A little summer fun!
As I step out of the plane hot air hits me. The sun is blazing down and the sky is as blue as can be. My hotel has sent a car to pick me up and sitting in the taxi I get a first glance at the sea. It looks like it's sureal it's so blue! When I arrive at my hotel I unpack and head straight to the beach. It's stunning. I feel like I'm looking at a postcard and not the real thing. The sand is white and soft, the water is turquoise, the sky is cloudless and there are magnificent palm trees sourrounding me. I lie down and stare up into the sky. This must be what it feels like to be in paradise. I spend all day relaxing on the beach and when I get too hot have a quick swim in the sea. In the evening I go back to my hotel room and get ready for the night ahead of me....
Outfit is designed by **Milly**
the ragged priest
28.44 €
The Ragged Priest - Robe t-shirt avec empiècements transparents en tulle - Gris
5.69 €
ASOS - Boxer à imprimé écussons - Bleu
15.64 €
ASOS - Polo à imprimé géométrique effet grille - Noir
12.8 €
ASOS - Polo avec poche de couleur contrastante - Noir
7.82 €
ASOS - Bas de bikini à volant, pompons et liens à nouer sur le côté - Blanc/vert
19.91 €
Vila - Robe trapèze avec dos en crochet - Blanc
17.06 €
Vila - Robe à bretelles en dentelle - Rose
14.22 €
ASOS - T-shirt manches longues en tissu éponge avec imprimé - Bleu marine
1971 reiss
38.39 €
Reiss - T-shirt avec motif géométrique discret - Bleu marine
11.37 €
Vila - Robe patineuse à mancherons - Blanc