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The Origins of F.U.C.K

The Origins of F.U.C.K
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really? O.O'', i love this outfit && awesome dress && i like the background(: xxx
wow funny description & greatt outfit :)
Funny description. Love this outfit.
wow i never nkew that!! intesting!!
pretty coool
lol nice outfit
great!!! I haven't known history of this word. But now I know!! =)
great description, beautiful x
i really like the layout
Wow that must be awkward to ask the king haha. But this outfit is stunning
Wow intresting O.o Loooove the outfit, very original, faved~! n____n
oh cool title i undersyan caz of the des x
really? i never knew that and i like the layout and the outfit :)
cool. i learn new things every day =)
haha interesting :)
k00l I think!!!!!!!!!!!
Exactly what I imagined for my comp! Thanks for entering =)
....hmmm its different
I think I heard about that before!
Love this! I like how you added a little history to it =D I think I already commented on this outfit a while back but whatever! still awesome! Congrats on winning 2nd in my competition!
nice history lesson ;)
love it
Haha, this is awsome! Great idea and theme! Amazing layout. I love it :) xx
its awsome i love it
hahaha love this! great theme and info! xx
Cool :) :L
haha, really cool theme!
awesome x
thanks for the pretty strange bite of information... It looks nice!
I heard that a few years back. It seems most profanity goes back to medieval England, doesn't it? XD
awesome job! you got placed in my comp! i think its true btw......
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1324 days ago
It's said that the word fuck can be traced back to ancient england. You had to get the king's permission to well for lack of better words have sex. If you received his consent, you got a card to hang on your door that read F.U.C.K (Fornication Under Consent of the King) i've also heard that this was only the process for the princess :p (i went with the princess in this :p) But this information inspired me to make an outfit :p i dont think its a great layout but i hope you enjoy the outfit and this new information (people say this is true, others say its not. I think there is truth behind it lol) **thanks Sean for the information and inspiration for this**
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