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Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti
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This is magically awesome XD I love the colors and the theme!!!1
The shoes are GORGEOUS!! I love the colours!
Aww, cool!!
so pretty x
Stunning! The colors are awesome [[[:
I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS! the theme is wonderful! elvis is amazing, so is this outfit! great work! x
Very Nice!!Love the theme! :)
My best friend is in love with Elvis xD This is amazing! Love love love! faved!!!
This is sooo pretty! I love all of the items you've used, the colors, and the theme! This is one my favorites out of your outfits! Faved <3
love all the colors!
nice colors <3
love the retro theme;*
WOW WOW WOW! i Love this outfit so much! its so cute! Love the top and pants, and Amazing Layout and the colours are beautiful! Great job! :)) x
Your collage has been posted on Avenue7's Facebook Fanpage, have a look!
super pretty!
Soo gorgeous !
Again, love these colors!
Absolutely beautiful! Gorgoeus colours, stunning items, amazing layout and cute theme! 9/10! Great job :) xx
lovee thiss thanks for the entry!
Thank You For Enterinq Mai Competition Doll<3
cute shoes!! love the theme!! xx
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1011 days ago
Elvis<3 "She rocks to the east, She rocks to the west, She's the girl I love best.." What do you think? Please comment & rate~ n______n && DON'T COPY. It's not nice. ^^
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